Aura Exploration Patches

The new Aura Exploration Patches have a new look and are designed to maximize the most efficient energy delivery.

The AEP patch is round with a multi-wave oscillator design to improve the flow of energy.

A new feature of the AEP patches is the programming of the instruction insert card and sleeve along with the patches.  It can be used under the food or drink and adds to the efficiency of the patch program. It is estimated that this energy card will last about a month. It is not meant as a replacement for the patch, but an additional free bonus to the AEP patch.

The AEP patches are non transdermal so it is not necessary to put them on the skin, the adhesive is only for convenience.  As long as they are within one inch of the body the energy will be transferred.  They can be placed on the underclothing or medical tape.

If it is preferred to place the patch on the skin the AEP patch adheres well.  It is reported to stay on when the user is showering, swimming, or exercising. We feel one of the main reasons for this is because of the round design and the purity of the energy.


The Aura Exploration Patch is a Method of Energy Delivery to the Body. 

An Aura Exploration Patch is a small one inch round patch containing bio resonant energy to restore the body's energy system, a patch contains a field of energy which is placed on the left side of the body.

People with the same health problem will have the same energy patterns missing, or very depleted. The Aura Exploration Patch system allows the body to bring back these energies to what is considered a normal level ~ the level found in healthy people. This is the concept of homeopathy expanded to 21st century products. 

The Aura Exploration Patches are non-transdermal and our primary goal is to introduce energy only beneficial for the body. We don't program any energy into the patch that does not normally occur in an abundantly healthy person.  The body absorbs the energy like a dry sponge absorbs water because this energy is supposed to be there, the patches provide a delivery system of a pure energy field.

Energy used to be a very mysteriuos substance. Today it is no more mysterious than the wind that blows the sails of a boat. We can see energy, measure it, analyze it and work with it.

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